Who Am I?

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Anita Ferrari and – as you can probably tell by my surname – I was born and grew up in Italy, and more precisely in a beautiful Italian region close to Garda lake and the famous city of Verona and its roman ruins.

I grew up surrounded by vineyards and woods, and that maybe explains my deep love, connection and longing for Nature and countryside’s landscapes.

In 2011 I moved – for Love to follow my soul mate – to the other side of this no more so big world, to Australia and Sydney in particular. Here too, after spending the initial time close to the city, we moved nearer and in closer connection to the amazing Australian bush, and I am sure I can say that when you see it you can’t help but loving it.

It is actually from this beautiful bush view that I am writing to you. However I am not alone in this and it is therefore now time for me to introduce who call themselves my colleagues, and that I am so honoured and blessed to feel so close to me: my divine angelic team.

Angelic coaching with Anita and her divine angelic team

Our connection and relationship sort of officially started on the 10th December 2014, when for the first time I became aware of the message they were dictating me while I was calling upon them to help me release what was for me time to let go.

Since then our dialog has been an everyday experience and of course a wonderful gift and blessing. But this for sure is not a gift for me to hide and exclusively enjoy and own, this gift and blessing has been given to me so that I can share it with the world, so that I can share it with you – if your heart is saying yes and calling for it.

Not let yourself be fooled, I am far from being an angelic and divine creature myself, I am as human and earthly in my behaviors and personality as you are – with no offence please.
I can however honestly tell with my whole heart how my intention is the purest I have ever had, to serve you and – through the support and help of my angelic, loving, pure and bright colleagues – to guide you towards finding a deeper and fulfilling relationship with who you really are, the amazing, bright shining God’s creature and masterpiece that you – yes you dear friend with no exceptions just for you – that you are.

What we offer is a series of coaching sessions through which you will be guided to go deeper in the wounds that you have tried to hide and often ignore within you. That may seem quite uncomfortable and not such an attractive offer I guess, but we can guarantee that it would be worth the effort and the pain it could cause; isn’t painful struggling to ignore them anyway?
Our main goal – guided and coming from Love and for Love – is to help you get more and more in touch with the shining, amazing human being you are and gradually lead you to the even brighter and greater, infinite, never-ending essence and being you really are! And to the incredible, limitless potential, opportunity and joy that is waiting for you to discover, own and express.

If so far something has resonated with you or has just stirred something within you, disturbing that seeming peace you thought you had finally grasped, this is for you my friend and I invite you to get a taste of this having a free first session with me and my team, with no obligation of course. But I can humbly tell, this will not be an usual, normal session as if I was by myself in front of you, as a special, bright light and team will be holding the space and light for us, to guide us along the path – if you are willing to take the opportunity – we are going to explore together.

Thank you for your attention and precious time and, if I will not hear from you, may the brightest blessing of joy and light be with you always. I would also like to ask you to just remember that you are never alone, ever, as unconditionally loving angelic and light beings are always with you – yes with no exceptions just for you – too.

All the best for this life and the next in the highest realms,