Let what you are made of reveal itself

You are Love…are you feeling to be loving today? Are you being who you really are? Do not worry if that is not how you feel in this very moment, as every single moment is brand new and you get to choose what to make of it.

You are Love, you came out of Love and you are going back to Love…what about letting yourself be, experience, live and shine the Love you – let us reassure you – already are, always have been and forever will be?

A brand-new year…will that mean a brand new you?

Welcome to a brand-new year! To you, will that mean a brand new you? That is up to you of course, our dear friend. That does not imply that the ‘old you’ needs to be fixed or upgraded. On the contrary, this is indeed to celebrate the beauty and greatness of who you are and – like fireworks at New Year’s Eve – to reveal what you are really made of.

You, our friend, are made of Divine Light, Divine Heavenly Love is at the foundation of your whole being. Let that shine through every single cell of your body, gaze of your eyes and words that you will pronounce along this new, exciting year ahead of you. Continue reading “A brand-new year…will that mean a brand new you?” »

May this be the brightest Christmas time so far!

Rejoice, our friends! Yes, you might hear this so many times along this holiday – often called crazy – season, but this is indeed the reason this ‘crazy’ season begun in the first place.

Our dear ones, unfortunately this time for joy, pause and reconnecting within to the truthful essence of Light and Peace, has gradually turned into a cyclone of things to be crossed from an overgrowing to do list, of overwhelming pressure of doing enough or being up to date with the smallest, less significant things like small cards, ornaments and lights…Nothing wrong of course with wanting to make the best of this special time of the year, nothing wrong of course with the desire of honouring friends and dear ones showing them – even through material presents – how much they mean to you ..of course nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate the dear ones and along with them this special and so precious time for joy and indeed celebration. Continue reading “May this be the brightest Christmas time so far!” »

Believe and you will see

What would it take for you to believe? Yes, to believe in yourself, fully and unconditionally, loving and trusting yourself, your capabilities, your gifts, your calling…

Again, we ask you: what would it take for you to believe in yourself, completely, totally, with no conditions or exceptions?

Our friend, we are asking this seemingly tough question – that may come across as harsh or at least a bit challenging to you – as, you see, in the answer you choose to embrace for yourself lies the foundation of the life you are experiencing and you are going to live and share with the loved ones around you. Continue reading “Believe and you will see” »

Let it be

Let the ruins of your despair be the foundation of a castle of Joy and fulfilment.

‘How?’ Follow the light within, it will show you the way.

‘What if I cannot see the light..’

Is that your choice? It all start with you, it all starts with your choice. Are you willing to embrace the light you are? We strongly invite you to.

Let the tree of joy grow above the ruins of despair. Continue reading “Let it be” »

Let your Light come through

Sunlight - Let your Light come throughLet the peace of nature enter your heart and speak to your soul.
Let the gentle breeze caress you and whispers the greatness you share with it. Yes, while the wind can blow unnoticed for thousands of miles over the oceans, as it encounters a tree its sound, its magnitude, its strength can’t help but reveal it.
The same is you our friend, as you open the heavenly door you closed behind you to descend on the Earth, you won’t be able to shade your eyes from the shining beauty and majestic, dazzling intensity of the light, your light our friend, the light you are, the light you shine and always have been shining. Continue reading “Let your Light come through” »

Let’s be Joy

JoyRejoice our friend! We will never get tired of reminding you of what you actually came on the Earth to accomplish: give your contribution to, be part of, join and feed the Joy of all spirits united, of the soul of each one of you who embraced this earthly journey to expand their light and even more their own awareness of their brightness.

Yes our friend, there is so much to be joyful about, don’t you think? Let us make it clearer and fully undeniable and evident to your human eyes and perspective too. Continue reading “Let’s be Joy” »

The Light you are

sun in your handBe yourself. Be who you really are. Just be.

Yes our friend, we could never grow tired of inviting you to embrace the Beauty, the Greatness, the Light that you really are, as in that lay all the answers you have all been looking for.
‘How can that be?’ you might be wondering.

Well our friend..
It is in the True Light that all darkness dissolves.
It is in Love that any fear can gradually dissipate.
It is in owning your true potential and greatness that any problem can be turned into a new solution and gift. Continue reading “The Light you are” »

The choice you can Be

heart choiceIt is time our dear friend that you make your choice.
The choice we invite you to embrace is the one that may seem harder but – like a heavy treasure chest dug out of the sand – will give you the brightest reward..your freedom our friend, your joy and fulfilment to be and show up along this earthly journey as the amazing, bright, never-ending, shining being that you are. Continue reading “The choice you can Be” »