What Do They Say About Us?

Our beloved ones, below you can find few sentences that, generously, some of the kind people that have shared this coaching experience with us have chosen to share with you all.

Our desire is that this will help you embrace what your heart and soul are calling you towards. Our wish is for you to possibly find in these words below more clarity and peace for your mind, so that the choice will be free and light to you.

All the best to you dear one and may this be a joyful and enlightening day for you,
Anita and her angelic team


KaoruEvery session with Anita is mind-expanding. Anita’s voice and energy are soothing and calming which makes the sessions flow in a productive way. From the first session, as the weeks passed, I have been able to accomplish more than I have been able to on my own, prior to being coached by Anita.
With her coaching, I am able to shift my perspective on everything and develop a new way of thinking, thus seeing positive results in my life.
I highly recommend Anita as a coach!

Kaoru M., Honolulu, HI, USA
Animal Intuitive – www.kaorumakiguchi.com


Hi Anita,
Wow….where do I start.  Right from day 1 I knew you were the person who would help me with my journey to connect with my guiding angels more clearly.  You encouraged me to think with my heart rather than my head and by doing this I was able to open up to a world I new existed but wanted more of.  Your unconditional support almost brought me to tears because you constantly showed me how passionate you were about this beautiful purpose you have in life.  I am truly grateful and will hold you very dear to my heart forever and always,
Lots of love,

Amy Jack – New Zealand


JulianaI am very thankful to Anita, her coaching has helped me see my business in a new way, I got in touch with my story and learned how to prioritize and focus.
I do recommend Anita because she has a gentle way to connecting you to what is really important in your life.

Juliana Andrada
Law of Attraction Coach – www.juliandrada.com



KathrynI was feeling really overwhelmed by my life which was totally out of balance. I was stressed by technology and working too hard and I began to feel Fibromyalgia pain again in all my muscles.
Anita is a caring, supportive coach who helped me to identify the areas of my life that needed more attention. She gently guided me to take positive actions to take better care of my health and include more fun activities in my life. Her warm, empathetic approach encouraged me to be gentle on myself, nurture myself and to acknowledge what I have achieved instead of worrying about what I haven’t done. After three successive sessions with Anita, my whole perspective on life changed and my health improved.

Kathryn Jackson – Sunshine Coast, Australia
Life Coach – www.attractingamazingabundance.com


Anita has an ability to ask gentle questions that really take you beyond the surface to issues to what you really are seeking. Her questions are insightful, take you to your higher purpose and provide important perspective. Through Anita’s coaching I was able to make the difficult decision that I needed to in order to move forward and face the consequences with the right mindset.  Anita is an excellent coach and I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking to look beyond the surface issues to the real issues behind them.

Linda Chaosis


Anita is a very empathetic, deeply caring and insightful coach.  Her approach is very flexible and yet focused.  She assisted me in identifying some areas of my life that were not leading me down the path of where I wanted to go and helped in putting together some strategies in finding solutions to creating more time and ways to fulfill my short-term goals.
I would recommend Anita to anyone wanting to see change in the way they perceive their life is working and would encourage anyone looking to create firm short-term goals.
After three sessions, I was able to really get in touch with why I wasn’t achieving some of my goals and a roadmap for making them happen.

Fiona J Lindsay – Victoria, Australia


“I loved having Anita as my coach. So many wonderful things changed for me while coaching with her. She made me feel so comfortable and came up with some great ideas to help me move towards my goals quicker. I now have a passion and purpose I didn’t feel I had before. I love her caring approach. So thank you so much for all your inspiration Anita!!

Amanda Wendt – Perth, Western Australia


Anita is a gentle and amazing coach who helped me find balance in my life. Through focusing on my successes and using powerful visualizations with her guidance, I was able to connect with my vision and the belief that “I CAN do it!”
Anita shows genuine care and is easy to work with.
Thank you Anita.

Conny Van Balen – Victoria, Australia