Our Offers

Free Introductory session (85$ value):
Let you soul shine and lead the way to your joy and fulfillment

This is an introductory session to give you a taste of what a coaching journey with us would look like, to get a feeling of the value and meaning that it could have for you, if it felt right and you decided to go for it.

We are really happy to offer you this completely free (from charging money and expectations too) opportunity to have an introductory session with us, as it will give you the chance to directly feel the action of Divine Healing in you and have a glimpse into the bright life that has been waiting for you to fully embrace, stepping into your true greatness and power.

We can in all honestly tell you, you have nothing to lose and so infinitely much to gain from this brief time with us.

So, here the question for you now: are you willing to take the risk of being and revealing – to yourself first – Who-you-really-are, with no other earthly risks of usual concern involved? Up to you the choice of course, but let us warmly invite you to not let this opportunity flow away in front of you.


If you feel drawn to work with us, below you can find a simple but rich spectrum of options we are really happy to offer you to choose from, to suit what is that your heart most need and is calling for.


This is the highest and most complete package we offer as a way to really take the time and effort – along with your commitment – to dig deeper than ever before within you.

If you are willing to ‘take the risk’ to really look closer to what inside you is robbing you of the peace and joy you deserve and are meant to experience in this life on Earth, please take this invitation and join us in this amazing – not always easy but really worth it – journey. Rest assured, you will not regret it.

Who you are going to meet on the other side of this adventure will amaze and enchant you with the shining beauty and light of the most precious beautiful diamond on Earth, and that diamond, our friend, is you! Yes you heard it right, you have always been that diamond, our dear one, the difference after this adventure together will be one: you will be able to see that beauty through the Love you will be able to gift yourself! How does that feel to you? That sounds so shining and bright to us for sure.

This will consist of: 5 sessions in 2 months time, a 3 weeks’ break followed by 5 more sessions in the following 2 months. Therefore 10 sessions, at the price of US$800.


Crystal’s light

If you heart is calling you to work with us but your mind does not seem to feel ready, we kindly invite you and your loving mind to look at this crystal’s light package, to let the light shine on the doubts racing in your mind and bring the peace it has always been looking for.

This is an opportunity to embark on the journey within hand in hand with us, to accompany and lead you in those places you are most scared of and bring the bright, healing light of love where it is most needed. As the previous diamond invitation, this is an opportunity to have a taste of what working with us means and where it can lead you, while not putting too much pressure on that intellectual, mental part of you that is wrapped in doubts or fear trying to protect you from what to it seems unknown and quite scary. If you recognize yourself and your mind in this, please be gentle on them and consider this shorter journey within.

The crystal’s light package consist of: 3 sessions in 5 weeks, a 3 weeks’ break and 2 more sessions in the following 3 weeks, at the cost of US$450.


The sunrise awakening

We are also offering – for this year 2018 – the sunrise awakening: the possibility to have in 1 month 3 sessions with us – at the cost of US$280 – where we will give you a taste of what the healing light and Love of the Divine in you can bring.
An experience we would wish to everyone, oh to you too of course, our dear one.


If in here you have not found what you are looking for, the brightest blessing to you, dear friend, and may this life be a journey of love and joy within and all around you.

With sincere love all the very best to you all,
Anita and her divine angelic team