Our Mission

First of all thanks to all of you who are taking the time end effort to read my..well our words and message you can find below. Yes you read right, our message implies that me – Anita – I am not here alone writing these words and message to you. As you have probably already understood, I have been blessed by having – or better saying – by being able to recognize by my side the actual, real, to me tangible presence of a team of angelic light beings to share and collaborate in the divine plan laid down for all of us to accomplish and – according to our free will of course – choose and follow.

This is not of course just a special gift to jealously keep and use for myself, otherwise I would miss the point completely. The main purpose of this amazing blessing and gift is in fact to share it with you, yes you heard and felt it right, exactly with you dear one that are reading these words in this very moment. Yes, you were from the beginning invited and designed to be part of this amazing journey and path, if that is your choice of course.

For you willing to consider and open up to further explore this possibility offered to you, we are giving of course more details and a clearer picture of what to expect in the moment your decision would be to join us and start this adventure with us.

Is this what you are looking for?

This is a journey deep within yourself dear one, it is a journey to look deeper where the source of your pain, frustration, insecurity and unhappiness really hides. That is not of course for the sake of pain, but to be able to recognize and love – yes Love – that part of you that is crying and calling out for help.

‘What does that really mean from a practical point of view?’ you may be asking. ‘Is this just head in the clouds and well-sounding but void words that do not bring any real value to me?’ No, our darling, the real thing and the real key almost anyone is looking for is so simple while so sought-after…

The key to everything, dear one – that means to feeling happy, calm, in peace, fulfilled – is Love, and it starts with Loving who you are, all, the totality and every single part of you, even those to you darkest parts you try to hide to anyone else and to yourself too.

That is the answer our friend, that is the answer you have been looking for since what seems to you forever. However it was not always like this, yes there was a time when you were completely in love with yourself, with all of you – not as a Dorian Gray of the moment but as your shining beauty and light were so recognizable and naturally visible to you. Yes that was before you decided to embark in this human experience, not out of sacrifice but once again out of Love, my dear one, as – although often it can seem so strange and hard to believe – everything sprouts from and leads to Love, yes that higher form of Love that here on Earth to us is so difficult to even imagine or grasp.

We hope at this time you can have a clearer idea on what to expect if you choose to get on this journey with us. If you can hear your heart calling for this, please don’t ignore it. And if you are looking for further help to better understand or clarify within you what is the best choice for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and have a free session with us – do not worry also free from any expectations from us – so that you will give yourself a chance to better understand and explore if this can be of benefit to you. However – please let us tell you – there is a reason you have read up to here, and that reason is that you have been called to this, which is for your highest good our friend.