Divine healing coaching

Divine healing..what does that really mean? What can that mean to you?

The coaching niche I have been guided to is Divine healing, which includes any healing your soul and your true being really need.

You see, our friend, there are challenges you have been going through that you might not be ready – in a deeper, broader level than the human perspective you most often look from – to let go. Although this might sound harsh, let us reassure you that all is coming from a place of deep Love, for the highest and best good yours and of all.

From this new, grander point of view, let us introduce to you – dear ones – those challenges and painful difficulties which, as a dear friend, have come to visit to help you and hold you by the hand to walk along the path of deep and true joy, growth and fulfilment. Along the challenging and often not so easy path of growth and wisdom, there is in fact also a deep and true joy you can already start experiencing in the midst of all the challenges and hardships, which are most often perceived as curses rather than the blessing they are meant to gift you.

But do not be afraid, this does not mean you have to look for and call for challenges and pain if you are willing to grow and expand as the amazing never-ending being and soul you are. That is in fact not a job for you take on, but rather lean on God, lean on the all-knowing, everything and all-encompassing, loving energy that flow through you and anything and anyone ever existed. Trust that anything you are led to will – at a certain point – enrich you rather than burden you, lift and elevate you rather than crash you down.

You see, our friend, you are not meant to walk along and through the experiences of this journey by yourself; that is not what you signed for and that is not what is meant to be. You embraced this majestic human life to grow, grow in the awareness and the brightness of the light you are, you have always been and been part of, and always will be. Here then comes our role and what we can offer you our friend, as for this very reason we came to you or, if you prefer, you were brought to us right now.

As both an angelic and earthly team as we are, we are here to support you in the midst of the challenges that a human experience can bring to the shiniest and brightest Light descended on Earth. As the morning mist at dawn can obscure and dim the intensity, beauty, true brightness and strength of the rising sun, so the human nature you have taken on can hide from your sight – like a veil dropped on a stage – what is really going on behind the scenes of this earthly stage.

That is why we are here our friend: to help you lift that veil obscuring the truth and reality behind the appearance of how life is perceived and subjectively experienced. Yes, as there is not a truth real to everyone but rather many versions of the same human reality appearing truthful and very much real to anyone involved.

However, behind all of that, behind any of those intricate situations there are no multiple layers of reality or events. Behind everything, behind the scenes of any stage of any drama played on Earth there is just one thing. There are no various versions, rather anywhere and at anytime the very same scene is on and always will be: a calm, placid, steady, constant, smooth flowing Energy of Love, flowing at anytime and anywhere, through anything and anyone you will ever be able to think of. That, our friend, is What and How it is meant to be: a free flow of Loving Energy, Divine, Spirit, Love, God, which all and everything includes, encompasses and unifies, as anyone and anything is part of That Which we all come from, we are heading to and in this very moment we are in, if we are willing and open to.

And here arises the source of any pain, sadness, unfulfillment and anger: that in fact lays in the disconnection, denial and cut off from the unifying, all-including loving Energy that is flowing all around you and – if you are willing to embrace it – inside and through you. Yes, as you have a choice, we all have, and that choice is respected and honour as your own free will and power to choose for yourself, to the extent that you can choose to disconnect. However the cost of such a free choice is loneliness, pain, sadness, dissatisfaction anyone feel in the moment they deny and distance themselves from what they really are: an amazing, shining ray of that same infinite, bright, loving Light most often called God.

As shining souls you cannot thrive in the darkness. When a thick fog hides the sun, even the brightest ray of warm light cannot see the majesty, brilliance and brightness of its own light, of the Sun it comes from and of which is inseparable part of. So here we are, dear one, to help you cast away those clouds of mist and fog from the sky of your life, so that you will be able to once again feel the warmth on your skin, the heat on your face and the brightness through the eyes of your soul deeply in love of the One she came from, is heading to and is part of; and therefore a soul in love of herself, of her own divine beauty and greatness that is mirrored in her as in anyone else around her.

So how does that sounds to you, are you willing to lift the curtain from the stage of your own life to see, feel and reveal the bright, warmth Light behind?

Remember you are not alone, although that might seems to you. You are not separated from anything around you as you might perceive. In that you can find the key, the key to open your life and your world to a joy and fulfillment much greater and intense than you could dream of.

In fact, by reconnecting to who you really are, a power is unleashed which is much greater and stronger than anything you could have imagined to be in you. It is in fact not contained in you but rather you can open the door of your heart to welcome the flow of the Energy you are part of as it is part of you, which has been carrying, embracing and supporting you and everyone around you forever and always will be. So no warranties will have ever to be claimed if – in your free will – you will choose to welcome and recognize who you really are: a never-ending, bright, shining soul along this human journey.