Heaven’s Whispers Of Peace and Joy

Looking for a glimpse of the peace and joy you have always been meant to experience along this earthly journey already?


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In this brief meditation, you are offered the opportunity to ease the tension you have been holding within your precious, maybe strained, beautiful body and bright, never-ending spirit, so that – if you choose so – you can start getting back in touch with the essence of light and love that ultimately you are, our friend.

Open your ears – we invite you – to these words whispered from Heaven through our dear, beloved earthly sister and partner Anita.

Even more warmly we invite you, open – if that is according to your free will of course – even if just ajar the door to your heavenly guided heart and let these whispers ignite the spark of joy and love that – since forever – has been burning within you.

Your supporting, heavenly guardian Angels on Earth