A path of joy and fulfillment is waiting for you, are you willing to embrace it?

Let yourself be guided to accomplish and experience what you chose to come to Earth for. Welcome to a place that will lead you home, if you are willing to ‘take the risk’ of meeting the real you and the light that is already shining bright within you.

Our dear one,

We are not here to promise you to change your life, we are not here to promise to ‘fix’ what you want to fix in you or around you; you see our beloved one, that is not up to us, that is up to you our precious friend.

What we can tell you and promise our friend – please let us call you friend again – is that we will be by your side, we will guide you and be there for you so that you will be able to go, feel and explore where you never have dared to walk, breath and advance to. What we can tell you for sure is: you will not be alone in this. Although let it be clear, you have never been by yourself anyway indeed.

One is the thing we want to underline our friend, we cannot promise to move your mountains for you. But we can promise to be there when you will be willing to take the first, the second..and the thousandth step if necessary, to climb that mountain and finally being able to savour the amazing view that will open up in front of you on the very top of that same old mountain, that used to seem insurmountable to you.

So, our friend, are you willing to put on your tracking shoes and start this adventure with us?

With the kindest and purest light,
Anita and her divine angelic team

The light within you springs from the purest, unlimited and brightest Source you could ever imagine, as the purest Truth greatly surpasses what you wish was real.